Technical TDS

CaliwelTM is an interior surface treatment that employs a natural antimicrobial agent - Calcium hydroxide - to protect the coating from odor and stain causing microorganisms for years after it is applied. Formulated with calcium hydroxide that has a long history of safe antimicrobial use, Caliwel incorporates proprietary Bi-Neutralizing Agent (BNATM ) to prolong its antimicrobial potency. When applied to walls and other interior surfaces, Caliwel provides a long-lasting and durable coating that protects the surface coating from common microorganisms.

Key Benefits
  • Protects surface coating from microorganisms such as odor-causing bacteria, mold, mildew algae and fungi for years after application
  • Eliminates existing mold infestations
  • Reduces staining from algae and fungi
  • Contains no volatile organic compounds (VOC) – a “green” product

Technical Data

Recommended Applications:
  • Healthcare Facilities
  • Eldercare Facilities
  • Educational Facilities
  • Residential Interiors
  • Manufacturing Facilities
  • Warehouse Facilities
Suitable Substrates:
  • Gypsum Drywall
  • Masonry/Concrete
  • Plaster
  • Wood
  • Ceiling Materials

Colors:10 standard and custom Colors
Coverage: 250 sq ft/gallon @ 2 mills dry (2 coats recommended)

Dry Time @ 70oF, 50% RH:
Touch: 15 minutes

Recoat: 4 hours

Flash Point (F):


Vehicle Type

0 gms/L

11.25 lbs

Storage Temperature:
Minimum: 45oF

Maximum: 120oF (45 days max)

Specifications Gypsum Drywall

1 coat – 100% acrylic primer
2 coats – CaliwelTM

Cured Concrete Block

1 coat – Suitable block filler
2 coats – CaliwelTM


1 coat – Suitable stain blocking primer
2 coats – CaliwelTM

Cured Masonry

1 coat – Suitable masonry primer
2 coats – CaliwelTM


1 coat – 100% acrylic primer
2 coats – CaliwelTM

Ceiling Materials

1 coat – Suitable sealing primer
2 coats – CaliwelTM

Surface Preparation

Mold/Mildew On Surface – scrape/remove all loose material.

New Drywall - repair holes/cracks by patching with joint compound and sanding. Sweep and wipe with a clean damp rag to remove sanding dust.

Masonry/Concrete – must cure for 30 days before coating. Remove form-release agents.

Plaster – bare plaster must be cured and hard. Textured, soft, porous or powdery plaster should be treated with 1 pint household vinegar to 1 gallon of distilled water. Repeat until surface is hard. Rinse and allow to dry.

Wood – sand exposed areas to a fresh surface. Fill nail holes and other surface damage with wood filler or putty. Sand smooth.

Previously Painted Surfaces – remove all loose paint, dirt, chalk and damaged substrate. Clean thoroughly to remove wax, grease and/or oil residue. Scuff-sand glossy surfaces. Wipe with a clean damp rag to remove sanding dust. Stains from water, smoke, grease, ink, etc. must be sealed with a suitable stain-blocking primer.

Ceiling Materials – seal absorbent materials with suitable primer.

* CaliwelTM contains an antimicrobial active ingredient – Calcium hydroxide – that protects both the liquid coating and the dried coating's surface.


For interior use only.

Apply at surface temperatures between 45oF and 120oF. For the best results keep Caliwel at room temperature prior to applying.

Surface must be dry and at least 5oF above dew point.

Reducer: DO NOT MIX WITH TAP WATER OR ADD PAINT OR PAINT THINNERS. Such action may adversely impact biocidal properties.


Brushing – 5% maximum
Rolling – 5% maximum
Spraying – 10% maximum
Product is best applied by air-less sprayer. Avoid use of sponge roller or sponge brush. Due to rapid dry time of coating, only small areas should be brushed or rolled. CAUTION! When spraying, wear goggles and a high-efficiency particulate respirator. Caution-off the immediate application area to prevent others from coming into contact with spray mist.

Care must be taken to apply material at recommended mil thickness.

Box all containers of same color.

Do not shake. Stir GENTLY before use.

Apply only when temperature is 45oF-120oF and drying conditions are good.

Apply uniformly with minimal brushing or rolling.

Clean Up

Clean Up Thinner: Water Clean all equipment immediately after use with clean water.


Wait at least four weeks after application before washing. May be cleaned using water and soft cloth or sponge, or mild household general cleaning solution.

Storage & Disposal

Do not store near drinking water, food or animal feed.

  • Pesticide Storage: Keep containers tightly sealed. Store in a cool, dry place. KEEP FROM FREEZING.
  • Pesticide Disposal: Dispose of unused product in accordance with applicable federal, state and local government regulations. Contact the state pesticide officer or EPA Hazardous Waste representative.
  • Container Disposal: Triple rinse and offer for recycling or puncture and dispose of in a sanitary landfill or other procedure in accordance with applicable regulations.

Limited Warranty

Alistagen Corporation and its representatives make no warranties, expressed or implied, concerning this product or its fitness for use beyond the description on the product label. Read all directions carefully and observe all precautions. Read Material Safety Data Sheet for further safety and handling information.

Safety Information

Danger! Corrosive. In severe cases, may cause irreversible eye damage. Wear approved protective eyewear during application (goggles, face shield or safety glasses). Do not allow product to come into contact with eyes. Avoid direct contact with skin while applying.

First Aid Have product container or label available when calling a poison control center or physician.

Skin Contact – Rinse sensitive skin immediately. Contact a poison control center or physician for treatment advice.

Eye Contact – Remove contact lenses. Hold eye open and rinse slowly and gently with clean water for 5 minutes. Continue rinsing until irritation subsides. Contact a poison control center or physician immediately for treatment advice.

Ingestion - Contact a poison control center or physician immediately for treatment advice. Promptly drink a large quantity of milk, egg whites or gelatin solution. If not available, drink large quantities of water. Avoid alcohol. DO NOT INDUCE VOMITING.

Physician Note: Probable mucosal damage may contraindicate the use of gastric lavage. Treat as alkaline contact. Inform medical personnel that Caliwel™ contains Calcium hydroxide – a strong alkaline material.

Environmental Hazards Do not apply directly to water. Do not contaminate water when disposing of equipment, containers, wash water or rinsate.

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